A long weekend in Reykjavik

When I booked our tour of the south coast of Iceland I knew that a quick stopover in the capital was never going to be enough.  A colleague of mine recommended we stay at Hotel Centrum in Reykjavik and on seeing a special three-night romantic getaway deal I knew that would be a great way to extend our honeymoon and give us time to discover the most northerly capital city in the world. Plus, as we’d already done the standard day trips from Reykjavik during our tour it meant that we could really focus on exploring the city.


We stayed in a super cosy room at Hotel Centrum. As we had booked a honeymoon package there was a lovely box of chocolates in our room and we enjoyed a delicious three course meal and cocktail in the hotel restaurant on one of the nights during our stay. The restaurant in also right next to the Settlement Museum which is well worth a visit.


Snaps was recommended as a place that locals love to eat and we enjoyed a fantastic dinner there. We had the famous lobster soup at Saegriefinn, which was as good as its reputation suggests.

After our snorkelling trip we had hot chocolate and delicious slice of cheesecake at Cafe Babalu.

We had a delicious lunch at Ostabudin as well as hotdogs at the famous hot dog stand.


We started our time in Reykjavik by joining Audur from I Heart Reykjavik on a walking tour of the city.  I have been a massive fan of Audur’s blog for years and it provided me with so much help and inspiration when we were planning our trip to Iceland.  Audur is so enthusiastic about her home city and it shines through during her tour.  As well as giving us some great tips on places to eat, drink and shop during our trip, she also gave us some interesting insight into life in Iceland.

After the tour we headed to Harpa Opera House and enjoyed a walk around this incredible building. I would love to come back on day and watch a concert there. We also took a trip to Nautholsvik geothermal beach. Unfortunately the beach itself was shut but we enjoyed the views.

On our second day we took a day trip to snorkel in the Silfra rift between the Eurasia and North America tectonic plates. The water was incredibly clear but very cold. Even though we wore dry suits our hands, feet and faces were only protected by neoprene and by the time we got out I could barely move my hands. Luckily N made sure I had my hand-warmers to get the circulation going again and our tour guide gave us a cup of hot chocolate and biscuits.

We spent that afternoon visiting the iconic Hallgrimskirkja Church, taking the lift up to the top to take in the incredible views of Reykjavik and Mount Esja beyond before browsing the shops on Laugavegur.

After our amazing experience at the public swimming pool in Klauster we decided to check out Laugaralslaug, the largest swimming pool in Reykjavik, which is a short ride from the city centre. Not only was the pool inexpensive to visit it’s also massive – with both a huge indoor pool and outdoor pool, flumes, hot pots, saunas, steam rooms as well as a sea water pool and plunge pool. We spent a good few hours here enjoying the various pools – I loved going between the hot pools and the plunge pool to feel all tingly and invigorated.


Due to the weather we weren’t able to go on the whale watching trip that we had planned which was a shame. But we did visit the Icelandic Maritime Museum instead, which we would never have done if we hadn’t been in the docks area.

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