Creating a capsule maternity wardrobe

One of the hardest parts of pregnancy for me was adapting my wardrobe for my changing body. I quickly found that even though I had a tiny bump and didn’t really start to show until 18 weeks, my normal clothes felt tight and uncomfortable.

I’ve spent the last few years developing my capsule wardrobe so the idea of going out and buying a whole new load of clothes stressed me out. I’m not a huge fan of online shopping – if I’m going to invest in a piece I want to try it on, feel the fabric, check the fit etc. Unfortunately the vast majority of maternity clothes are only available online. And whilst brands are starting to get their act together on maternity styles there’s still a lot of mumsy clothes that simply don’t fit my style and make me feel fat and frumpy – not great when my body is doing this incredible thing that should be celebrated.

So here’s what I’ve learnt:

Make use of what you already have

I found that for some of my looser tops I could get away with wearing these over maternity trousers without any issues. Obviously you need to be sensible here as you don’t want to stretch out your normal clothes (or be willing to accept that might happen) but there is plenty of scope for keeping your non-maternity clothes in your wardrobe – shirts can be adapted with a vest underneath, as can dresses with leggings. Be creative when looking at your current wardrobe.

You don’t have to buy maternity clothes

So I found because my bump was quite small I could buy my normal size in certain styles and not have any problems – I bought several floaty linen dresses and roomy jumpsuits to get through the summer that still going to fit after pregnancy. Similarly items like oversized cardigans that can be wrapped over your bump will still look awesome post-pregnancy.

Friends passing on clothes is great…

But don’t expect their style and shape to be the same as yours! A couple of my friends passed on to me some lovely maternity clothes that they no longer needed which was great – especially if you are saving all your pennies for the many many things that a newborn needs. But I found that many of these clothes simply didn’t fit right. I have very narrow hips so actually had to buy some maternity clothes in a smaller size than my normal clothes otherwise I would have to constantly keep pulling my trousers up. I’m also a big believer in colour theory for clothes and my friends have a different palette to me which meant some clothes that suited them just completely drained me – again not the look you want to go for when you should be blooming!

Invest in key pieces

I found I didn’t actually need to buy that much. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had a capsule wardrobe for several years now but I found a few well chosen pieces were all I really needed to add. I bought a great capsule collection from Serephine which included a black dress (perfect for the office) and the most comfortable leggings. I also bought a pair of smart work trousers and a dress from Gap and some jeans from Next. That was pretty much it when it came to actual maternity clothes.

Accept it’s not for long

But the end of my pregnancy I was pretty much wearing the same black trousers to work most days. But whilst it felt a bit boring at the time I was comfortable and ultimately everyone else is so busy looking at your bump they aren’t going to notice that you’ve worn the same thing several times that week.

Comfortable shoes are a necessity

I bought a pair of super comfortable slip on sketchers fairly early on in my pregnancy which I ended up wearing a lot. I didn’t realise how much my feet would not just swell but get bigger and that meant that a lot of my shoes simply didn’t fit later on in my pregnancy.

I hope you found these tips helpful – how did you approach dressing your bump?

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