Attachment parenting, crunchy moms and why we need to ditch the judgment

I had an interesting conversation on Instagram a couple days ago about why I don’t use the term “attachment parenting” or “attached parent”.  Years ago there was a documentary on the BBC about “extreme breastfeeding”, I can’t remember a lot of the details but I remember it referring to attachment parenting.  The documentary focused onContinue reading “Attachment parenting, crunchy moms and why we need to ditch the judgment”

Is Breastfeeding really hard?

This week is World Breastfeeding Week and social media is filled with beautiful photographs of breastfeeding mums. As someone who has managed to breastfeed for almost 10 months I feel so much love for these photos that show the wonderful bond that breastfeeding brings. But I also know that many will find this week overwhelmingContinue reading “Is Breastfeeding really hard?”

Travelling with cloth nappies

Unsurprisingly it took me a lot longer than I had anticipated to have a night away using cloth.  We originally planned to drive to Cornwall to visit my family in March, but lockdown put paid to that idea.  But as lockdown restrictions gradually eased we decided to take a chance and drive to Cornwall (stayingContinue reading “Travelling with cloth nappies”

Should you be scared of co-sleeping?

Co-sleeping. Perhaps one of the most controversial of parenting practices. Most of us do it, few admit it. Babies are supposed to sleep in their own bed not yours, or so society would have you believe. I remember being told at antenatal classes that co-sleeping was no longer considered unsafe. Still, the idea was terrifying.Continue reading “Should you be scared of co-sleeping?”

Why hypnobirthing is the best thing you can do if you are pregnant

Before I was pregnant I’d heard talk of hypnobirthing and thought it sounded wacky and not for me. To be honest I didn’t know what hypnobirthing was and like many I was put off by the name, which let’s be honest sounds a little woowoo. But in those secretive first trimester weeks I found myselfContinue reading “Why hypnobirthing is the best thing you can do if you are pregnant”

Are cloth nappies really better than disposables?

When it comes to environmental credentials it is pretty undisputed that cloth nappies are better than disposables. But many of us who are taking steps to lower impact living are looking for something more than less plastic – we want to be buying from brands whose ethics across their business match their environmental endeavours. AndContinue reading “Are cloth nappies really better than disposables?”

Gentle sleep, is it possible?

I’m writing this sat in a dark room while R sleeps soundly on my chest. It’s been the same drill every night for six months. We didn’t always intend for it to be this way. Before R was born I read books on establishing a routine – feed, play, nap. Never let your baby fallContinue reading “Gentle sleep, is it possible?”

D-MER: The thing no one tells you about breastfeeding

I like to think I’d prepared fairly well for breastfeeding. I was prepared for it to hurt, partly due to lactation helping the womb to contract back to it’s normal size after pregnancy, but also from the issues commonly spoken about: sore nipples, poor latch, tongue tie. Go on any mum-orientated Facebook group and you’llContinue reading “D-MER: The thing no one tells you about breastfeeding”

One nappy, two takes

A big brand of “eco-friendly” disposable nappies recently released a reusable nappy to the market. On the day of the launch my Instagram feed was flooded with posts about this new nappy. Many of the mums I follow that already use cloth gave a detailed review about the pros and cons of this nappy –Continue reading “One nappy, two takes”

Getting started with cloth (and why you shouldn’t be nervous about reuseable nappies)

When I first started looking into cloth nappies I was a little overwhelmed. There are so many options and combinations it can be a little be daunting. While I don’t pretend to know all there is about cloth I’ve picked up a few things along the way which I thought it might be helpful toContinue reading “Getting started with cloth (and why you shouldn’t be nervous about reuseable nappies)”