Attachment parenting, crunchy moms and why we need to ditch the judgment

I had an interesting conversation on Instagram a couple days ago about why I don’t use the term “attachment parenting” or “attached parent”.  Years ago there was a documentary on the BBC about “extreme breastfeeding”, I can’t remember a lot of the details but I remember it referring to attachment parenting.  The documentary focused onContinue reading “Attachment parenting, crunchy moms and why we need to ditch the judgment”

Should you be scared of co-sleeping?

Co-sleeping. Perhaps one of the most controversial of parenting practices. Most of us do it, few admit it. Babies are supposed to sleep in their own bed not yours, or so society would have you believe. I remember being told at antenatal classes that co-sleeping was no longer considered unsafe. Still, the idea was terrifying.Continue reading “Should you be scared of co-sleeping?”

Gentle sleep, is it possible?

I’m writing this sat in a dark room while R sleeps soundly on my chest. It’s been the same drill every night for six months. We didn’t always intend for it to be this way. Before R was born I read books on establishing a routine – feed, play, nap. Never let your baby fallContinue reading “Gentle sleep, is it possible?”