A long weekend in Riga

I’ve never been convinced by these bargain holiday websites like Holiday Pirates. I always find that the offers are never quite as good as they seem. But sometimes you can find an absolute gem like I did when I booked a trip to Riga. I knew very little about Riga but when I found aContinue reading “A long weekend in Riga”

A long weekend in Budapest

Every year we organise a city break with friends, picking a European city, booking an air bnb or similar and heading off on a plane. When we chose Budapest I knew nothing about the Hungarian capital but instantly feel in love with its combination of gorgeous spas and quirky bars. WHERE WE STAYED We stayedContinue reading “A long weekend in Budapest”

A week away in Slovenia

Although most people are familiar with Lake Bled and its Instagram-worthy island, it’s worth going beyond Bled to discover this incredible country. For such a small country Slovenia really does have it all: stunning mountains, waterfalls and sparkling blue rivers, incredible underground caverns, vineyards, beautiful coastline and vibrant cities. From Ljubljana, to Bled and PiranContinue reading “A week away in Slovenia”


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